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It is a physical store opened only on appointment basis.  

If you would like to visit our physical store, please make an appointment with us. 

Otherwise, we are afraid that the store would be closed even if you come all the way to visit us.


About the appointment, please read the below carefully:

Basically we can open the store any day (including weekends and holidays).

However, we might not be able to open because we are out of town for a few days for purchasing items.

  From 11:00 to 18:00

Please make an appointment at least one day prior to your planned visit.

Please send us an

 Email (support@chaki-shop.com

or call us 050-3134-5094

(the call can be connected only from inside Japan).

 Please specify your day of visit, time, your name, mobile phone number.

 If you have any specific item that 

you would like to see, please tell us, 

otherwise the item might not be at the store.




4-6-7 Utsukushigaoka Residence Building #202, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Japan

Postal Code: 225-0002


We are on the second floor. 

The first floor is an Italian restaurant Osteria RIMA(You can see an Italian flag). 

It is 9 minute walk from Tama Plaza Station.

If you take an express train(Den-en Toshi Line), it is about 

22-26 minutes from Shibuya Station to Tama Plaza Station.

For those who drive, please use the coin parking nearby:

P1:   5-28-18 Utsukushigaoka Aoba-ku Yokohama

P2:   5-28-18 Utsukushigaoka Aoba-ku Yokohama,

P3:   5-1-50 Utsukushigaoka Aoba-ku Yokohama

P4:   5-1-50 Utsukushigaoka Aoba-ku Yokohama

Operating Company: BASE A Co.Ltd.

President: Masahiro Miyauchi